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Welcome to ixlib.

ixlib is a small c++ tools library based upon the standard template library. It provides

Of course, you won't download anything before looking at a screenshot, so here is yours. ixlib also has some documentation available. As of 0.95.0, it is available in tarball form, further it may be browsed on-line here.

It mixes well with STL code and has templates where they make sense. All components are independent of each other. Furthermore, every component of ixlib has been thoroughly tested and is considered production-quality code. Installation and use is drop-dead easy because of supplied autoconf macros and an ixlib-config shell script. ixlib currently depends on

Get your copy here.


Feb 2, 2009 Bill Lorton has asked me to post this tarball, which is an apparently incompatible version that they have updated for use with gcc4. A more compatible version that works with gcc4 is also availble from my git tree, which you can get using
git clone
Oct 24, 2001 Released ixlib-0.96.2.
Jul 6, 2001 Released ixlib-0.96.1. This release was made to ease sdlucid release.
Jun 29, 2001 Released ixlib-0.96.0. This one is a big new release with many new features, see the ChangeLog. Things were delayed a bit by gcc3 compliance testing. Have fun.
Apr 17, 2001 Released ixlib-0.95.1
Mar 23, 2001 Released ixlib-0.95.0
Mar 22, 2001 Updated website to contain new documentation links.

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