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ixion::regex_string Class Reference

#include <ixlib_re.hh>

Inheritance diagram for ixion::regex_string::

ixion::regex< std::string > List of all members.

Public Methods

 regex_string ()
 regex_string (std::string const &str)
 regex_string (char const *s)
void parse (std::string const &expr)
std::string replaceAll (std::string const &candidate, std::string const &replacement, TIndex from=0)

Detailed Description

A regular expression parser and matcher.

Backref numbering starts at \0.

ReplaceAll does not set the MatchIndex/MatchGlobal members.

What is there is compatible with perl5. (See man perlre or However, not everything is there. Here's what's missing:

as well as all the stuff involving perl code, naturally. None of these is actually hard to hack in. If you want them, pester me or try for yourself (and submit patches!)

Definition at line 418 of file ixlib_re.hh.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

ixion::regex_string::regex_string   [inline]

Definition at line 470 of file ixlib_re.hh.

ixion::regex_string::regex_string std::string const &    str [inline]

Definition at line 472 of file ixlib_re.hh.

ixion::regex_string::regex_string char const *    s [inline]

Definition at line 475 of file ixlib_re.hh.

Member Function Documentation

void ixion::regex_string::parse std::string const &    expr

std::string ixion::regex_string::replaceAll std::string const &    candidate,
std::string const &    replacement,
TIndex    from = 0

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